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Veristorm Unlocking the Power of Hadoop to Enable Enterprises to Capitalize on Big Data

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24th January

As the volume and variety of data continues to escalate, the promise of a powerful new generation of data analytics tools converting this data into valuable information and insight continues to be just as elusive.

In particular, there is a growing debate regarding the potential of Hadoop to serve as a key component in corporate initiatives to unlock the value of Big Data due to the limited success of the first round of real-world deployments over the past year.

A December 16, 2014 Wall Street Journal article entitled, “The Joys and Hype of Software Called Hadoop: Big Data Is Hot in Silicon Valley, and Hadoop Underpins Craze,” described the dichotomy between the grandiose expectations among industry analysts and the investment community compared with the bitter realities of CIOs and other technology practitioners struggling to put Hadoop to work.

THINKstrategies believes there are some … Read More »

Are Your Software-as-a-Service, Cloud and Internet of Things Solutions Award Winners?

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14th January

THINKstrategies is accepting nominations for its ongoing awards programs aimed at recognizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solution providers that are delivering measurable business benefits to their customers.

More than 100 SaaS companies have won Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Awards since the program was initiated in 2009. Click here to read a summary report about the wide array of SaaS companies that have been recognized for delivering quantifiable business benefits to their customers, ranging from lower operating costs and reduced response times to increased sales and higher customer satisfaction

The success of the BoSS Awards encouraged us to launch a second award program in 2010 to recognize IaaS and PaaS companies delivering similar business benefits to their customers via the Cloud, called the Cloud Computing Business Value (CCBV) Awards.

In December, THINKstrategies unveiled a new Connected Cloud Internet of Things (CCIoT) Award program that will showcase … Read More »

Leverage THINKstrategies’ Cloud Content Creation & Lead Generation Services for 2015

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12th January

Do you need help producing whitepapers, primers, success stories, webinars, industry surveys, live events or other marketing content that clearly articulates your company’s unique Cloud capabilities in a compelling fashion to increase your visibility in the market and attract new customers and business partners?

THINKstrategies has been helping leading and emerging Cloud companies create quality content and deliver it to key corporate decision-makers for over thirteen years.

We work with our clients to formulate or fine-tune their market messages, properly target their marketing efforts, create meaningful print and interactive content, and distribute that content to the right audience to produce successful lead generation programs focused on Cloud Computing, Big Data, Managed Services, the Internet of Things (IoT) and related topics.

Last year, we worked with over 50 companies, published more than 40 commentaries in various industry and corporate publications, gave over 25 online and in-person presentations, organized events, and produced a variety of … Read More »

IT’s 10 Steps to IoT Success – A Guest Commentary in E-Commerce Times

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9th January

This past week’s International CES brought even greater attention to the seemingly infinite opportunities being created by the rapidly evolving Internet of Things. However, it also created plenty of hype that can become pitfalls for companies that are not properly prepared to achieve the promise of the IoT. Click here to read THINKstrategies’ views in E-Commerce Times regarding the 10 steps IT organizations must take to help their corporate counterparts convert their IoT dreams into successful initiatives that produce measurable and meaningful business benefits.

Overcoming the Pitfalls of Today’s IaaS Price Wars – A Guest Commentary in SearchAWS

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7th January

One of the major trends of the past year has been the escalating price competition among the leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft. While this race to the bottom has garnered a lot of attention and generated more interest in the cost benefits of commodity cloud services, it has also enticed a growing number of businesses to make unsuccessful moves to the cloud that could adversely affect the future direction of the cloud marketplace. Click here to read THINKstrategies’ perspectives regarding this important issue which can adversely affect the growth of the Cloud marketplace in SearchAWS.

See What You Missed at the Fourth Annual Cloud Channel Summit — View the Videos Online

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31st December

The fourth annual Cloud Channel Summit on December 3 in San Diego was a tremendous success! If you missed the executive forum or would like to take another look at the terrific content from the event, you can now view the conference highlights, session recordings, and one-on-one speaker interviews online.

Click here to view the highlight video and one-on-one speaker interviews with the industry executives from the leading Cloud providers and wide array of partner companies who participated in this year’s Summit.

Click here to see the Summit keynote presentation and roundtable discussions regarding the key issues reshaping channel relationships in the Cloud marketplace.

You can also click here to read my perspectives regarding the industry implications of the Cloud Channel Summit discussions in

I’m currently formulating my plans for the Cloud Innovators Summits in 2015, and welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Contact me if you’d like to provide your input, or discuss speaking, sponsorship and partnering opportunities … Read More »

Don’t Miss the Oracle Cloud Roadshow for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

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30th December

I would like to make you aware of a special Oracle event series that I am keynoting in January and February geared towards senior executives at Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and application providers interested in gaining a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving Cloud marketplace.

As you’re well aware, the Cloud is changing the way software companies do business. It’s not only the new paradigm for computing, it is also the new platform for software development, innovation and delivery.

Oracle offers a broad portfolio of products and services for companies transitioning to the cloud – including a new set of recently announced Oracle Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. I’m pleased to be participating in an eight-city, Oracle ‘roadshow’ designed specifically for ISVs, OEMs and Software Resellers interested in learning how they can leverage Oracle’s Cloud solutions to achieve … Read More »

THINKstrategies Launches New Connected Cloud Internet of Things (CCIoT) Awards

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15th December

THINKstrategies, Inc., the only strategic consulting company focused entirely on the business implications of Cloud Computing services on corporate initiatives, announced today a new awards program aimed at recognizing Internet of Things (IoT) solution providers that are leveraging cloud computing services to deliverable measurable business benefits to their customers.

The new Connected Cloud Internet of Things (CCIoT) Awards is an ongoing program that will showcase IoT success stories which have produced quantifiable business benefits, such as lower operating costs, reduced response times, increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, etc.

The new award program builds on the success of THINKstrategies’ Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Awards, which have recognized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers since 2009, and the Cloud Computing Business Value (CCBV) Awards, unveiled in 2010 to spotlight Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers. Over 100 companies have received BoSS and CCBV Awards in the past four … Read More »

THINKstrategies 2015 Prediction: The IoT, Big Data and Cloud Come Together – A Guest Commentary in E-Commerce Times

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12th December

THINKstrategies believes the only way organizations will be able to reap a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) from their Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and gain the additional insights from Big Data will be by leveraging more Cloud services. So any IT or business decision-maker who continues to resist the idea of employing cloud services to offset the costs and complexities of in-house data centers will stand in the way of fully capitalizing on today’s IoT opportunities. Click here to read THINKstrategies’ perspectives re: the business implications of these trends in E-Commerce Times.

How to Select the Right Provider to Optimize Application Performance – A Whitepaper Published on Behalf of PTC

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12th December

Businesses of all sizes across nearly every industry are racing to adopt new strategies and solutions to achieve corporate objectives in the face of unprecedented market and competitive pressures.

In this context, moving business applications and processes to the cloud has become an increasingly common approach to lower costs and address changing business requirements.

Although there are numerous cloud services providers available, many organizations struggle to select the right partner and to procure, deploy, and administer the right cloud services to meet their application management needs.

To improve their chances of success, THINKstrategies has seen many business and IT decision-makers gravitate toward cloud services organizations that can provide not only the infrastructure functionality they need, but also a full lifecycle of application management services.

This more integrated approach to cloud services can enable organizations to achieve greater application reliability, security, and performance to satisfy … Read More »

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