Services for IT Solutions Providers

yay-5237152THINKstrategies has a history of success working with IT Solutions Providers that are attempting to differentiate themselves in rapidly changing and increasingly competitive markets. Our services include,

  • Corporate Strategy Assessments and Strategic Marketing Plans
  • New Solution Development and Thought Leadership Programs
  • Strategic Alliance and Partnership Initiatives
  • Solutions Selling Training and Customer/Partner Presentations

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THINKstrategies’ Catalyst Services

We offer clients three ways to leverage our independent perspective, real-world experience and practical advice to immediately improve the effectiveness of their IT sales and marketing efforts.

Retainer Services

Clients receive regular strategic review sessions and a continuous flow of information and insight that helps them better understand,

    • Changing customer needs and market dynamics
    • Escalating competitive pressures and new players
    • Emerging market opportunities and strategies for success

THINKstrategies provides,

    • Continuous market updates and analyses
    • Competitive alerts and assessments
    • Ongoing feedback and advice

Clients benefit by using THINKstrategies to,

    • Review plans, programs, and tactics
    • Revise strategies, policies, and collateral
    • Recommend positioning, programs, and partners

Strategy Sessions

Via a choice of full- or half-day interactive sessions, clients gain valuable input and advice about how to refine, restructure, or refocus their strategies and tactics to increase their sales and marketing effectiveness based on changing client needs, competitive pressures, and emerging market opportunities.

Customer/Competitor Market Scans

Clients receive a targeted digest and analysis of the latest news and industry events shaping customer requirements, driving competitor initiatives, and fueling important market trends that can help clients better focus their sales and marketing efforts.

Industry Research, Primers, Profiles, Whitepapers, Podcasts & Webcasts

THINKstrategies is dedicated to educating corporate executives, business and IT decision-makers and channel partners about the business implications and tangible benefits which can be derived from today’s rapidly evolving ‘on-demand’ services, such as Cloud Computing, SaaS and Managed Services.

THINKstrategies offers a unique collaborative approach to working with the leading providers of Cloud Computing, SaaS and Managed Services to help them communicate the business value of their solutions. THINKstrategies’ Managing Director, Jeff Kaplan, works with every client to craft educational material and promotional programs to achieve their sales, marketing and training objectives.

Over the last dozen years, THINKstrategies has produced dozens of research studies, whitepapers, primers, profiles, customer/partner success stories, podcasts and webinars. You can find many examples of these deliverables and other vendor-sponsored content throughout our website.

In addition to THINKstrategies’ ability to provide an independent perspective which validates the providers’ offerings, THINKstrategies also helps promote the providers’ capabilities in the marketplace via its Cloud Computing Showplace and e-newsletter which is distributed to over 15,000 IT/business decision-makers, channel organizations, press reporters and investors.

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