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What Do the Academy Awards, AWS and AI Have in Common?

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10th March

As the tug of war between humans and machines escalates, we’ve become witnesses on nearly a daily basis to events that suggest there won’t be an ultimate winner or loser in this existential battle for survival and supremacy.

Two little human mistakes at the Academy Awards ceremony and within Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently received worldwide attention because of the power of today’s technology to magnify their impacts on a global scale. These events added more fuel to the argument that automation is a good thing that can eliminate human error and make our daily lives better and less susceptible to costly mistakes. However, there have been a series of snafus involving artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automated system deployment that are calling into question whether the accelerated innovations in these areas are going to outpace the usefulness of mere mortals.

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Can Salesforce Einstein Catch the Next AI Wave? A Guest Commentary in TechTarget

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14th September

Salesforce is betting big that the long-promised attributes of artificial intelligence are ready to go mainstream and can help fuel the company’s next chapter of unprecedented growth. With a spate of acquisitions during the past eight months and analytics tools built into its platform, Salesforce wants to bring new systems of intelligence to customers.

The company’s goal: to embed artificial intelligence (AI) into every aspect of its operations and offerings, under the name Einstein.

The vendor’s marketing team is already stoking its PR engine to create plenty of buzz around the idea of the new Salesforce AI platform powering a fresh generation of smart services that will challenge IBM’s Watson’s analytic capabilities. The steady stream of news reports, interviews with CEO Marc Benioff and behind-the-scenes briefings are helping to build anticipation for Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference in October.

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