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yay-5726732Jeff Kaplan is a recognized expert regarding the rapidly evolving Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), and broader IT market trends.  He is regularly invited to participate in vendor-hosted and other industry webinars. Recordings of many of these webinars are listed below.

Kaplan also served as a member of TechTarget’s Cloud University faculty and produced online tutorials regarding the SaaS Landscape, the Economics of SaaS, SaaS Applications & Integration, and Business Intelligence & SaaS.

What People are Saying About Jeff Kaplan’s Presentation Skills

“Jeff Kaplan is a terrific speaker who is continuously one of the highest rated presenters at SoftLetter’s SaaS University sessions because of his extensive knowledge and unique insight about the rapidly evolving marketplace which he conveys in an entertaining fashion.” Rick Chapman, SoftLetter Publisher.

“Kaplan was our top, vendor-independent speaker at COMDEXvirtual and has built a great personal brand because of his vast knowledge, experience and perspective in the industry.” Robert DeMarzo, Senior Vice President, Strategic Content – Everything Channel/COMDEXvirtual.

“Hands down Jeff is one of the best moderators we’ve looped into Under the Radar! We love having him and he is a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for taking the time to lend your shiny personality to our show,” Jasmine Antonick, Dealmaker Media.

Archived Podcasts and Webcasts

In a Multi-Cloud World Customers Demand Alternatives, a Cloud Technology Partners Podcast

A Scorecard for Optimizing Your Software Licensing and Monetization Operations, a webinar hosted by Gemalto

Beyond the Hype: How to Avoid Common IoT Monetization Mistakes, a webinar hosted by goTransverse

“Leveraging Cloud-Based Software Licensing for Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership and Operational Efficiency – Software Monetization Strategies for the Digital World”, a webinar hosted by Gemalto

“Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database”, a webinar hosted by NuoDB

“How the Next Generation of Flash Storage is Changing the Economics Of SaaS Businesses”, a webinar hosted by Kaminario

“Are you Flirting with Disaster? Keys to a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan”, a webinar hosted by INetU

“Big Data Meets the Cloud – Are You Ready for This?” a webinar hosted by Attunity

Are You Prepared to Deliver Configurable Integration at Scale?, a webinar hosted by Scribe Software

5 Ways to Optimize your SaaS Business in the Cloud, a webinar hosted by INetU and the SIIA

Learn Why Analytics Are at Home in the Cloud, a webcast hosted by All Analytics

SaaScribe: Talkin’ Salesforce Rumours, SaaS Sales and Profitability

Beyond App Stores: The Five Biggest Myths About Cloud Services, a webinar hosted by AppDirect

“Leveraging a Carrier-Grade Billing Platform to Maximize Service Revenues in the New Digital & Subscription Economies”, hosted by Comverse.

“Business Trends 2015: Strategic Disruption in the Cloud and the Networked Economy”, SAP Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio

The Security Ledger: New England IoT – A Conversation Next Week On Cloud, Security and Internet of Things

“Charting the Smart Path to Scalable, High Performance Cloud Applications”, a webinar hosted by Confio Solarwinds

Search Cloud Applications: How to Match Cloud Integration Tools to Business Needs

SearchCloudApplications: Making Cloud-to-Cloud Integration Strategy, Tools Decisions

SearchCloudApplications Cloud Data Integration Webinar

SearchCloudApplications: SaaS Vendor Evals Make, Break Cloud App Integration Projects

Beyond Billing – Getting the Full Value from Recurring Revenue in the Enterprise, a webinar hosted by Aria Systems, 01/22/14

The Current State of Cloud Computing: What the Cloud Means for the CFO – Host Analytics Webinar Series, 05/16/13

ebizQ Business Agility Watch Podcast re: Cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM), 04/03/13

“Taking the Right Path to Business Intelligence (BI) via Cloud-Based Analytics”, a THINKstrategies webinar with CorSource Technology Group, 03/27/13

“The Impact of Cloud Technologies on ITSM”, a webinar hosted by FrontRange, 03/14/13

“Capitalizing on Channel Partnership Opportunities in the Cloud”, a webinar hosted by CompTIA, 10/23/12

“What’s Your SaaS Company Worth?” a webinar hosted by SaaS Capital, DH Capital and THINKstrategies, 10/18/12

“Why Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are Essential for Cloud, SaaS and Virtualized Solution Success”, a Videocast sponsored by CA Technologies, 08/14/12

“Go Beyond Subscriptions & Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)”, a webinar hosted by MetraTech, 07/25/12

“Making Money With Big Data”, a webinar hosted by MetraTech, 06/14/12

“Leveraging the Cloud – Improving the Renewal Process”, a webinar hosted by JBara Software, 05/30/12

CloudCon: Virtualization Virtual Conference, 05/12

SIIA All About the Cloud, Marrying Big Data and the Cloud, 05/12

SIIA All About the Cloud, What’s Next for Cloud Computing, 05/12

“Dispelling Myths About the Cloud”, NTTCOM.TV, 02/16/12

“The Acceleration of Business Process Management (BPM) in the Cloud”, an eBizQ podcast, 12/22/11

“Doing Data Integration Right in the Cloud – How the Best Companies are Getting It Done”, a webinar hosted by Informatica.

The Channel Happy Hour Podcast, Episode 52 – Kaplan & the Cloud, 09/11

Five Apps Mid-Size Businesses Should Move to the Cloud Now, 08/11

Assessing Enterprise Readiness for Google Apps, a webinar hosted by Exoprise, 07/11

Why Cloud-Based Professional Services Firms Are More Profitable, a webinar hosted by FinancialForce.com, 07/11

Mastering The Cloud in 8 Easy Steps, webinar series hosted by SAP

ITEC This Week: All About the Cloud and the Impact of the Amazon Web Services Outage, 04/30/11

“How SaaS is Transforming Business Process Management (BPM)”, an eBizQ podcast, 12/07/10

“The Growing Need for Cloud Governance”, an eBizQ podcast, 10/14/10

“Getting Out of the Server Business and Into the Service Business: Talking Cloud”, an eBizQ podcast, 07/29/10

“Cloud 2.0: The Next Evolution of Cloud Computing”, an eBizQ podcast, 06/15/10

Cloud Computing Virtual Conference, hosted by IDG/CIO Magazine, 06/10

“How Cloud Computing Complicates Customer-Vendor Relationships”, a SearchCloudComputing podcast, 05/10

“Public vs. Private Clouds: Expert Perspectives on Choosing Your Path”, Citrix Synergy Conference Panel Session, 05/10

SIIA All About the Cloud Conference – Public Cloud Panel Session Moderated by Jeff Kaplan, 05/10

“Why it is time to move to the Clouds”, CompTIA Annual Membership Meeting, 04/16/10.

SaaS and EDI – Scott Koegler, Editor EC-BP.Org Video Interview with Jeff Kaplan, 04/10

“Top IT skills for the cloud computing generation”, a SearchCloudComputing.com podcast 04/10.

“Helping Your Business Cope With New Marketplace Realities,” a webcast hosted by IBM LotusLive.

ebizQ Podcast: “Can Channel Organizations Survive in a SaaS and Cloud World?” 04/10

The Cloud Show: Key Battlefields for 2010, 03/07/10

Ecommerce Best Practices (ec-bp.org), 03/05/10

ebizQ Podcast: “The Wild West Era of Cloud Computing”, 01/28/10

Federal News Radio: Federal Government has Leadership Role in Migration to Cloud, 1/26/10

Beyond SaaS: Everything as a Cloud Service, Ziff Davis Enterprise Virtual Tradeshow, 11/09

InformationWeek, “Is the Cloud the Answer to the CIO’s Dilemma?”

eBizQ: Enterprise Clouds Going Hybrid, 1/10

Salesforce.com Dreamforce ’09 Perspective, SearchCloudComputing, 11/09

“On the Road to OnDemand: Hybrid SaaS Markets”, SIIA Webcast Series, 10/09

“Cloud Computing Trends and CloudWorld Learnings”, Virtual Strategy Magazine, 09/09

“Cloud Computing 101-Part 2”, a podcast hosted by SearchCloudComputing, 08/09

“Cloud Computing 101-Part 1”, a podcast hosted by SearchCloudComputing, 07/09

“Making Cloud Computing Mainstream”, a webcast presented by THINKstrategies at Cloud Slam ’09

“The Converging Worlds of BI and SaaS”, a podcast hosted by the IT/Finance Connection, 04/09

“Beyond the Buzzwords”, a webinar hosted by Symplified, 02/13/09.

SIIA On-Demand Conference Panel Regarding Professional Service Opportunities in the SaaS Market, 11/08.

“Mobilizing the Enterprise: Using RIA and SaaS to Do More with Less”, a webcast sponsored by Magic Software.

Verizon Business Sees Managed Services Well Suited to Current Economic Condition

“Ingres Corporation Takes 100% SaaS Approach to Powering Sales Compensation Management”, a webcast sponsored by Xactly.

“Success Through On-Demand Corporate Performance Management (CPM)”, a webcast sponsored by Host Analytics.

“Collaborating with Partners in the Social Media Age: Balancing Speed and Security,” a webcast sponsored by IntraLinks.

“Heightened Need for SaaS Security in Scary Economic Times,” a webcast sponsored by Symplified.

SIIA Marketing & Communications Webcast: “What Marketers Can Learn from Engineers”.

Take the Fast Track to Easy CRM and ERP Integration”, a webinar sponsored by Cast Iron Systems and Salesforce.com.

“Avoid Classic Pitfalls of Delivering Software as a Service”, a webinar sponsored by AT&T-USi.

“Maximize the Business Benefits of On Demand Web Content Management Systems”, webinar sponsored by Clickability.

NetworkWorld Podcast: “Living in a SaaS World”.

SIIA Marketing & Communications Webcast: “What Marketers Can Learn from Engineers”.

“The Business Case for On-Demand Sales Performance Management Analytics”, sponsored by Xactly.

“Overcoming the Transaction Management Challenges in the On-Demand Services Market,” a THINKstrategies webcast sponsored by Aria Systems.

The Business Case for On-Demand Business Intelligence, a SearchCRM webcast sponsored by LucidEra.

The Business Case for On-Demand Analytics for Salesforce.com, a DestinationCRM webinar sponsored by LucidEra. 

Sales Compensation for SaaS and Subscription-Based Businesses, a webinar sponsored by Makana Solutions.

NetworkWorld: Living In A SaaS World

Lippis Report: Cisco Revamps Managed Services by Defining MS 3.0

TechTarget SearchCIO: Top 10 Key Business Drivers of SaaS

Lippis Report: Can Software as a Service Tie Together Cisco Communication Applications?

IACCM Podcast re: Out-Tasking Trends

Inside Digital Media Podcast

SaaScon Advantage Podcast Series 2007

Citrix On-Line Webinar: Using Web Conferencing to Boost Productivity and Increase Profitability, 02/07

TechTarget Podcast: What is SaaS? 10/06

Cutter Consortium Webcast Regarding Software-as-a-Service, 8/06

Computerworld Podcast: Why SaaS is disrupting enterprise applications”, 7/23/06

TechTarget Expert Center Webcast: “The Myths & Realities of SaaS.” March, 2006

NetworkWorld “Hot Seat” Regarding SaaS, entitled “Microsoft vs. Google: Who will win?”, January 2006

TechTarget, “Utility computing: How Companies are Making the Concept a Reality“

SilverBack Technologies: “Creating the Proactive Support Advantage”

ZDnet Blog: Who to watch and what to do in 2005, 1/10/2005

CIO Magazine: Podcast – Week in Review, 12/09/05

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