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AD DS Jeff KaplanJeff Kaplan is a popular keynote speaker, conference host and panel moderator who presents THINKstrategies’ views at various industry and corporate events.

Kaplan brings unique insights in an engaging style which provides a valuable perspective and practical advice to help corporate decision-makers respond to today’s escalating business challenges.

Kaplan has been ranked among the Top 50 Cloud Bloggers of 2015 by the Channel Company and CRN, ranked #16 among the Top 100 Individuals and Brands in the Internet of Things Landscape 2015 by Onalytica#20 among the top 100 Cloud experts on Twitter in the Huffington Post and #23 on the VAR Guy’s 2015 Top 50 Channel Influencers. You can read what leading companies and conference organizers think about Jeff’s speaking capabilities below.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MIT CIO Symposium, May 22, Cambridge, MA, use discount code PartnershipVIP_40 to get 40% off the registration fee.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Here are some recent webinars, industry and corporate events in which Jeff Kaplan has provided THINKstrategies’ market perspectives:

Moving Beyond CRM: Leveraging Revenue Management to Maximize Revenue and Drive Growth, a webinar hosted by Model N

How to Grade Your Software Licensing and Monetization Readiness, a webinar hosted by Gemalto

A Scorecard for Optimizing Your Software Licensing and Monetization Operations, a webinar hosted by Gemalto

NexGen Cloud Conference

ITSMA Marketing Vision: Practitioner Panel – Marketing Priorities for the Connected World

Gemalto LicensingLive 2016: Innovative Software Demands Innovating Licensing – Connected Cloud and Beyond

IBM Hybrid Cloud Roadmap, Montreal Quebec

Customer SuccessCon East 2016, Boston

Security of Things Forum, Cambridge, MA

Beyond the Hype: How to Avoid Common IoT Monetization Mistakes, a webinar hosted by goTransverse

Internet of Things Summit, Boston

CallidusCloud Connections Conference

“Leveraging Cloud-Based Software Licensing for Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership and Operational Efficiency – Software Monetization Strategies for the Digital World”, a webinar hosted by Gemalto

“Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database”, a webinar hosted by NuoDB

“How the Next Generation of Flash Storage is Changing the Economics Of SaaS Businesses”, a webinar hosted by Kaminario

“Are you Flirting with Disaster? Keys to a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan”, a webinar hosted by INetU

“Big Data Meets the Cloud – Are You Ready for This?” a webinar hosted by Attunity

“Are You Prepared to Deliver Configurable Integration at Scale?” a webinar hosted by Scribe Software

NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo

Illinois Technology Association Internet of Things Summit

Ipswitch Innovate Virtual User Summit

Building, Launching and Financing Connected Products in the IoT and Beyond

Securing IoT with Identity Management, a webinar hosted by Covisint

FierceCIO Webinar – How the Internet Impacts Your Services – and What You Can Actually Do About It

Telit DevCon 2105, Las Vegas

5 Ways to Optimize your SaaS Business in the Cloud, a webinar hosted by INetU and the SIIA

Learn Why Analytics Are at Home in the Cloud, a webcast hosted by All Analytics

Boston Product Management Association Meeting: Internet of Things

The Implications of Smart on M&A, Financings & Strategic Partnerships in 2015

Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Internet of Things Conference: How Smart, Connected Things Will Change Your Business

Beyond App Stores: The Five Biggest Myths About Cloud Services, a webinar hosted by AppDirect

Oracle CloudDay: Modernize Your Business – Insights You Need to Evolve IT, Nine-City Roadshow

SIIA Deciphering the Data Storm, Cambridge, MA

Partnering with Oracle in the Cloud – Growth Opportunities & Resources for ISVs

The Subscription Revolution, a webinar hosted by ServiceSource

Avoiding the Common Obstacles to Successfully Moving to the Cloud, a webinar hosted by INetU

Digitally Transform Your Customer Engagement with Analytics and Cloud, hosted by Aditi

Connecting Matters: M&A, Financing and Business Strategy in the Internet of Things; Wellesley College (Click here to watch video.)

SIIA Deciphering Customer Success, Cambridge, MA

Cloud/Internet of Things Expo, Santa Clara, CA

LicensingLive, hosted by SafeNet, Cupertino, CA (Click here to watch video)

PDS 2014 Technology Conference, Madison, WI

SafeNet Lunch & Learn: Leveraging the Advantages of Cloud-Based Licensing to Achieve Your Business Objectives (Click here to watch video)

ComputerWorld Connect IT, New York

Charting the Smart Path to Scalable High Performance SaaS Applications, a webinar hosted by SolarWinds

5 Key Considerations for Evaluating a Cloud Service Provider, a webinar hosted by NaviSite/Time Warner Cable

Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Internet of Things (IoT) Conference, Waltham, MA

The Monetization of the Internet of Things – An Executive Dinner hosted by Aria Systems, Burlington, MA

ComputerWorld Connect IT Private Cloud, Data Management & Storage, Boston

CallidusCloud Connections Conference, Las Vegas

Axeda Connexion 2014 Internet of Things Conference Speaker Interviews

Chasing the Internet of Things, Wellesley, MA

The CFO’s Dilemma: Choosing the Right Foundation For Complex Financial Processes, a webinar hosted by Proformative

Chief Digital Officer Workshop Series: Navigating Marketing Automation, Boston

IBM Pulse 2014, Las Vegas

SearchCloudApplications Cloud Data Integration Webinar

ComputerWorld Connect IT Private Cloud, Data Management & Storage, Chicago

Discover a Better ITSM Experience for IT and Users Alike, a webinar hosted by BMC

Cloud Scapes 2014: Perfect Storm? Coffee Break w/Game-Changes hosted by SAP

Beyond Billing – Getting the Full Value from Recurring Revenue in the Enterprise, a webinar hosted by Aria Systems

Cloud Connect – New Tools and Techniques for Managing SaaS and Hybrid Cloud Environments Workshop, Chicago

Selling & Marketing SaaS/Cloud Applications Into The Enterprise, Launch Academy, Vancouver, BC

AppDirect Partner Summit, San Francisco

Computerworld Private Cloud Strategies Event, New York City

2013 Big Cloud Event, Minneapolis, MN (video below)

DataOnCloud, hosted by Microsoft and Aditi, NYC

Pulse 2013 – Customer Success, San Francisco

Host Analytics World, Las Vegas

C3 – CallidusCloud Connections, Las Vegas

Ameriquest Symposium, Orlando, FL

Cloud Connect – New Tools & Techniques to Manage Hybrid Clouds Workshop; Santa Clara, CA.

Cloud Metrics – The Key KPIs for Scalable and Profitable Success Workshop, hosted by Enterprise Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Google Enterprise Partner Summit, Mountain View, CA

Cordys Lunch & Learn: Leverage the Cloud to Increase Revenue & Improve Customer Service; New York City

Trinidad and Tobago ICT and Innovation Business Symposium

Mass High Tech Leadership Council Cloud Summit

Interop – SaaS Workshop


Cloud Innovator Summit Series

In addition to presenting at a variety of industry conferences and corporate events, THINKstrategies is hosting a series of executive forums, called the Cloud Innovators Summit, focused on specific business challenges and opportunities created by the Cloud Computing phenomenon.

From 2011 to 2014, the Cloud Channel Summit examined the unique issues and industry best practices associated with channel and partner relationships in the Cloud.

In 2012, the Cloud Analytics Summit showcased how the Cloud has enabled organizations of all sizes across nearly every industry to respond to today’s ‘Big Data’ challenges and transforming the nature of business intelligence (BI), analytics and data integration.

In 2014, THINKstrategies is hosting a new executive forum focused on the rapidly expanding array of new business opportunities being created by the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), called the Connected Cloud Summit, in Boston. Click here to see the highlights.

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What People THINK about Jeff Kaplan’s Speaking Skills & Insights

“Jeff Kaplan has one of the best radio presences we’ve heard and brings more than just industry knowledge to our broadcasts, he  brings an infectious enthusiasm for the topics!” – Malcolm Kimberlin, Head, Business Influencer Relations & Co-Producer SAP Radio, SAP

“Jeff Kaplan was inspirational, motivational, and even entertaining! He provided valuable insight regarding the market forces that are driving the rapid adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based solutions, and the business benefits that companies are deriving from these rapidly evolving capabilities,” – Nancy Nafziger, Marketing Manager, Kinetic Data.

“Jeff Kaplan is a terrific speaker who is continuously one of the highest rated presenters at SoftLetter’s SaaS University sessions because of his extensive knowledge and unique insight about the rapidly evolving marketplace which he conveys in an entertaining fashion.” Rick Chapman, Publisher, SoftLetter.

“Kaplan was our top, vendor-independent speaker at COMDEXvirtual and has built a great personal brand because of his vast knowledge, experience and perspective in the industry.” – Robert DeMarzo, Senior Vice President, Strategic Content, Everything Channel/COMDEXvirtual.

“Hands down Jeff is one of the best moderators we’ve looped into Under the Radar! We love having him and he is a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for taking the time to lend your shiny personality to our show,” – Jasmine Antonick, Dealmaker Media.

Contact us to learn how you can incorporate Jeff’s industry perspective in your industry or corporate event as a keynote speaker, session moderator or panel participant.

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