Industry Mentions

yay-1941847THINKstrategies’ Managing Director, Jeff Kaplan, is a recognized industry expert and thought-leader regarding Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Managed Services, Outsourcing and other important IT trends.

Kaplan has been ranked among the ChannelPro 20/20 Visionaries for 2016, the Top 50 Cloud Bloggers of 2015 by the Channel Company and CRN, ranked #16 on the Top 100 in the Internet of Things Landscape 2015 by Onalytica, #20 among the Top 100 Cloud experts on Twitter in the Huffington Post, and #23 on the VAR Guy’s 2015 Top 50 Channel Influencers.

Below is a list of some of the recent articles which have quoted Kaplan’s perspectives:

IT Pro Today: Why Cloud 3.0 Is the Next Big IT Trend, 6/30/21

SiliconAngle: Surf’s Up! The Next Wave of Cloud Migration Is About to Hit, 11/30/19

SearchITChannel: Single Cloud Counters Multi-Cloud Trend Among MSPs, 10/31/19

SearchITChannel: Managed Services Model Takes Evolutionary Twists and Turns, 09/26/19

SearchITChannel: Microsoft-Oracle Cloud Alliance Boosts Partner Opportunities, 09/25/19

SearchCustomerExperience: Salesforce Teases New CDP Features Ahead of Fall Release, 06/18/19

ChannelPro Network: 9 Steps on the Road to Cloud 2.0, 06/10/19

SiliconAngle: Salesforce to Buy Tableau as Business Intelligence Market Consolidation Accelerates, 06/10/19

Wall Street Journal: Companies Look to Cloud for AI, 04/11/19

SiliconANGLE: As Hybrids Flower a New Era Dawns In Cloud Computing, 04/07/19

SearchITChannel: Accenture Adds Google to Multi-Channel Cloud Strategy, 03/20/19

SearchCloudComputing: Keep An Eye On These Third-Party Cloud Management Tools, 01/25/19

2018 Mentions

SearchCIO: Microsoft CEO – Buyer Beware for Digital Technology Platform Choice, 09/28/18

Channel Futures: Transforming Your Partner Business? Here’s Where to Look for Financing, 07/20/18

2017 Mentions

E-Commerce Times: IBM Launches Private Cloud to Ease Public Cloud Transition, 11/03/17

LinuxInsider: Red Hat, SAP Team on New Integrated Enterprise Linux Platform, 09/28/17

E-Commerce Times: AWS to Sell Cloud Services by the Second, 09/20/17

SearchCloudProvider: Rackspace Acquisition – Cloud Services Firm to Buy Datapipe, 09/11/17

Cloud Technology Partners Podcast: In a Multi-Cloud World Customers Demand Alternatives, 08/10/17 The ‘Gotchas’ of Multi-Cloud Management, 08/10/17 Planning and Due Diligence Lead to Solid Cloud Choices, 08/09/17

PCWorld: Power to the People – How Texting Can Boost Customer Service, 08/09/17

E-Week: Social Media-Driven Marketing Techniques Shake Up the Sales Process, 07/19/17

SearchCIO: Complex, Customized Cloud Application Services Could Lead to Backlash, 07/18/17

SearchCIO: The Kink in Multicloud? Cloud Software Services Built for Lock-In, 07/14/17

SiliconAngle: Moving to the Cloud Is Way Harder Than It Looks, 07/07/17

SearchCloudProvider: How to Start a Cloud Business, A Channel Partner Guide, 06/08/17

HPE Enterprise.nxt Blog: What You Missed at MIT CIO 2017, 06/02/17

SearchITChannel: Salesforce Integration Partners Fund Offers $50 Million Boost, 06/02/17

E-Commerce Times: Amazon Shares Hit Milestone as E-Commerce Battle Heats Up, 05/30/17

ZDnet: Five Major Pitfalls to Avoid in a Cloud Migration, 05/01/17

CRMBuyer: Marketing Firm Zeta Global Turns Heads With $140M Funding Round, 04/29/17

TechNewsWorld: Salesforce, QuintilesIMS Team to Push New Therapies to Market, 04/25/17

Telco Transformation: Vendor Lock-In – The Bogeyman in the Cloud, 04/06/17

eWeek: Salesforce Enhances Financial Services Cloud With Einstein AI, 03/29/17

TechNewsWorld: Red Hat Pilots New Program to Ease Digital Transformation, 03/28/17

LinuxInsider: IBM Launches Enterprise-Strength Blockchain as a Service, 03/20/17

TechNewsWorld: Linux Academy Rolls Out New Cloud-Based Training Platform, 03/14/17

Channel Insider: Informatica Develops a Two-Tier Channel Program, 03/15/17

SearchCloudProvider: Cloud Vendor Management Services See Demand From SMBs, 03/09/17

NetworkWorld: IT Professionals Weigh in on Enterprise Automation, 03/06/17

Rackspace Blog: Managing “Multi-Cloud” Environments, 03/06/17

Channel Insider: Analytics Emerges as a Means to an AI Solution’s End, 03/02/17

Channel Insider: Salesforce Pushes Partners to Expand Cloud Reach, 02/22/17

SearchCloudProvider: Oracle Cloud Partner Program Aims to Boost Vendor’s Cloud Sales, 02/14/17

SearchCloudProvider: Accenture Bolsters ServiceNow Consulting Skills, 01/27/17

eWeek: Salesforce Report Recommends Technology to Improve Customer Service, 01/06/17

2016 Mentions

IoT Institute: Drones, AR, and an IoT Survival of the Fittest: 10 Tech Trends for 2017, 12/08/16

EnterpriseAppsToday: The Red Herring of Marketing’s ‘Digital Transformation’, 11/30/16

Direct Marketing Newsletter: Whose Customer Is It Anyway?, 11/21/16

ChannelInsider: ConnectWise Taps Into Platform Economy, 11/16/16

SearchSalesforce: IoT Technologies Bring Efficiency and Customization to Manufacturing, 11/09/16

eWeek: Salesforce Aims to Modernize Channel Partners With Lightning, Einstein, 11/03/16

E-Commerce Times: Amazon Builds Fulfillment Centers, Investors Grouse, 11/02/16

SearchCloudProvider: SaaS Consulting Shakeout – Appirio Deal Signals End of Era, 10/26/16

E-Commerce Times: Twitter Hopes Fade as Salesforce Deal Slips Away, 10/18/16

SearchSalesforce: Salesforce Analytics Cloud Gives the Sales Funnel a B-12 Shot, 10/14/16

eWeek: Bluewolf Report Says Salesforce Users Not Maximizing CRM Features, 09/30/16

E-Commerce Times: Tech Big Shots Rumored Lining Up for Twitter, 09/26/16

Diginomica: With Einstein Salesforce Brings AI to the Masses, 09/18/16

SiliconANGLE: At Oracle’s Annual OpenWorld Cloud Computing Will Take Center Stage, 09/16/16

SiliconANGLE: The Land of Variables – IoT’s Map to Monetization, 09/14/16

eWeek: Salesforce Economy Will Generate $389B in Next Five Years, 09/12/16

EdTech: How One University Prepared to Create a Professional-Level Render Farm, 08/16/16

E-Commerce Times: Intel Snaps Up Nervana to Jump-Start AI, 08/16/16

Channel Partners: Uncertainty Ahead for ScanSource-Intelisys Partners, 08/10/16

Internet of Things World News: When Will the Internet of Things Cash Register Ring? 07/21/16

E-Week: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Update Improves Salesforce, Gmail Integration, 07/19/16

SiliconAngle: This Week in Earnings – Will Elephants Dance? 07/18/16

E-Commerce Times: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Brings CRM and ERP Together, 07/07/16

SearchCIO: Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Creative Solutions Goes End-to-End, 06/28/16

Telco Transformation: The IoT Revolution: Democratizing DevOps, 06/21/16

ChannelInsider: Oracle Unfurls Cloud Program to Recruit ISVs, 06/20/16

E-Commerce Times: Microsoft and LinkedIn Go All In, 06/13/16

Channel Partners: Microsoft-LinkedIn Tie-Up to Help Partners Eventually, 06/13/16

NetworkWorld: In IoT’s Early Days, Challenges, Opportunities Revealed, 06/09/16

Telco Transformation: IoT at MIT CIO Part 1: How IoT Enables Digital Transformation, 05/31/16

SearchITChannel: Cloud Relationship Management for Channel Partners, 05/13/16

Telco Transformation: Measuring the IoT Market: Why It Shouldn’t Matter, 05/13/16 Is Chief IOT Officer the Next C Level Position and Other Ideas from IoT World, 05/12/16

eWeek: LinkedIn Report Touts Social Media to Help Sales Pros Close Deals, 05/05/16

The Hub: Customer Intimacy in a Software Economy, 04/28/16

SearchCloudProvider: Cloud Marketplaces – Can Channel Partners Make Money? 04/21/16

Indianapolis Business Journal: Coveted Cloud Consultancy Appirio Shuns Talk of Sale, 04/16/16

SearchCloudProvider: IBM Cloud Acquisition Expands Salesforce Consulting, 03/31/16

E-Commerce Times: Amazon Throws Shade at Apple Defection Reports, 03/18/16

IT World Canada: Velostrata Streams Workloads Into the Cloud to Assuage Enterprise Fears, 03/11/16

CRMBuyer: Salesforce Springs Some Q4 Surprises, 02/26/16

SearchCloudComputing: IaaS Market Consolidation a Mixed Bag for Cloud Users, 02/18/16

E-Commerce Times: New IBM Mainframe Promises Advanced Security for Hybrid Clouds, 02/18/16

E-Commerce Times: Sales Wave Brings ‘Easy’ Analytics to CRM Platform, 02/10/16

NetworkWorld: Gartner – Vendors Hype Cloud Revenue to Impress Wall Street, 02/09/16

SearchCloudProvider: Oracle’s First Cloud Program Aims to Sign Thousands of Partners, 02/04/16

FierceMobileIT: Jasper Buy Signals that Cisco Is Serious About IoT, 02/04/16

SearchITChannel: Document Technology Giant Xerox Plans Breakup, 01/29/16

E-Commerce Times: Microsoft Cloud Rains Free Services on Nonprofits, 01/21/16

SearchITChannel: 2016 channel trends: Digital Transformation to Alter Relationships, 01/20/16

2015 Mentions

Harvard Business Review: The Rising Cloud of Business Analytics, 12/01/15

E-Commerce Times: Diane Greene to Lead Google Into Cloud Business Fray, 11/20/15

SearchITChannel: Citrix Partner Impact Uncertain Amid GoTo Spinoff Plan. 11/20/15

E-Commerce Times: Investors Buying In Following Salesforce’s Q3 Stunner, 11/19/15

E-Commerce Times: Salesforce Investors Applaud European Startup Plans, 10/15/15

IoT Journal: At Xively Xperience – Advice on Building IoT Connected Product Businesses, 10/05/15

SearchCRM: Despite Salesforce Push, IoT Adoption Slow to Take Hold, 09/30/15

SIIA Interview: Industry Perspectives at Dreamforce 2015, 09/29/15

Radius: Cloud Computing, IoT, Advances at Dreamforce 2015, 09/21/15

SearchCRM: Microsoft-Salesforce Partnership Paves Way for Salesforce IoT Cloud, 09/18/15

eWeek: Dreamforce – Uber CEO Tells How the Cloud Made Ride-Sharing Possible, 08/16/15

SearchCloudProvider: Cloud Consulting Services: Accenture to Buy Cloud Sherpas, 09/15/15

E-Commerce Times: Salesforce IoT Cloud Makes Thunderous Debut, 09/15/15

SearchCRM: Will Salesforce Wave Analytics’ Upgrade Be Persuasive for Users? 09/14/15

SearchITChannel-Cloud-Based CRM Enters New Territory for Salesforce Partners, 08/17/15

SearchCloudProvider: Aliyun Cloud Expansion Targets 2,000-Plus Partners, 07/24/15

SiliconAngle: Vendors Won’t Let Up In Cloud Price Wars Yet, Analysts Say, 07/10/15

CRM Buyer: Veeva Injects Fresh Blood Into Pharma CRM, 06/15/15 Ask the Experts re: Acquisition Rumors, 05/26/15 20 Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid, 05/05/15

SaaScribe: Talkin’ Salesforce Rumours, SaaS Sales and Profitability, 05/04/15

CMS Wire: Salesforce Targets the HR Space – Again, 04/23/15

SiliconANGLE: Cloudonomics-The Race to Zero Is Moving Up the Stack, 04/07/15

SearchITChannel: Continuum Managed Services Lays Out New BDR Offering, 04/02/15

Enterprise Networking Planet: Cloud-Driven Competition Compels Company Collaboration, 04/02/15

IT BusinessEdge: Success of the IoT Depends on Interoperable Standards, 02/25/15

CRN: There’s A Downside To A Booming Cloud Market (includes video), 02/23/15

IT BusinessEdge: Stumbling Blocks in the Transition to the Cloud, 02/18/15

Forbes: 2015 Cloud Predictions: Four Ways Cloud Will Transform Industries This Year, 01/23/15

Wall Street Journal: Box CIO Search Continues Amid Renewed IPO, 01/09/15 12 Misperceptions and Myths that Business Software Buyers Need to Understand, 01/05/15

2014 Mentions

SearchITChannel: 2015 Channel Trends Driven By IT Transformation, 12/30/14

SearchITChannel: Channel Rewind: IT Industry 2014 Highlights and the Impact on Partners, 12/18/14 Predictions for Cloud, Big Data, IoT Software Changes in 2015, 12/08/14

InfoTech: Internet of Things Changes ‘E’verything When It Comes to Software Licensing, 11/24/14

Netrepid Blog: The 6 ?’s Of The Cloud, 11/20/14

SearchITChannel: Leverage Client, MSP Business Reviews to Improve Client Relationships, 10/28/14

Wall Street Journal: CIOs Broker Cloud Services, Thanks to Shadow IT, 10/28/14

Enterprise Networking Planet: If You Want IoT, You Need the Cloud, 09/30/14

InfoTech: IoT and the Impact of Software Monetization, 09/11/14

Chief Digital Officer: Five Questions About Going Digital, 08/19/14

IEEE Spectrum: Is There Any Way to Avoid Standards Wars in the Emerging Internet of Things? 08/04/14

Echelon Blog: Internet of Things (IoT) Hot Buttons & Concerns, 07/24/14

Echelon Blog: Convergence of the Cloud and the Internet of Things, 07/10/14

SearchCloudProvider: Cloud Migration Services Demand New Talents, Approaches and More, 07/01/14

SearchCloudProvider: MSPs Get Acclimated to Managed Cloud Services, 06/03/14

CIO Magazine: 20 Real-World IT Cost-Cutting Mistakes You Need to Avoid, 05/28/14

ITBusinessEdge: The Key to Successful SaaS Integration? Due Diligence on Vendors, 05/27/14

Inside Big Data: Prelert Announces Open API to Anomaly Detective® Analytics Engine, 05/20/14

TMCnet: For Software Monetization it is all about Out-of-the-Box Thinking, 04/16/14

SearchITChannel: Is equity crowdfunding the next channel capital source? 02/01/14

2013 Mentions

SearchCloudProvider: RiverMeadow Arms Providers With Cloud Migration Tools and Services, 12/13/13

SearchITChannel: Attrition of Cloud Storage Providers Gives Channel a Wake-Up Call, 12/13/13

IT Business Edge: The Benefits of Cloud Integration Platforms, 11/01/13

GigaOM: Customers Get an AppExchange of Their Own, 10/31/13

TechTarget: Cloud Integration Platforms Help Users Build An Integration Process, 10/30/13

CRM Buyer: Oracle Revs Its Cloud Engines for a Better Customer Experience, 09/26/13

Computerworld: New Dell won’t abandon the PC, 09/23/13

Wall Street Journal: & Workday Cloud Partnership Looks Great ‘In Theory’, 09/18/13

APMdigest – 10 Bottom-Line Business Benefits of APM, 08/14/13

APMdigest: In the Cloud: Multi-Tenant vs. Single Tenant ITSM, 08/07/13

E-Commerce Times: Buys ExactTarget, 06/05/13

Forbes: How Customer Intimacy Is Evolving To Collective Intimacy, Thanks To Big Data; 06/04/13

Huffington Post: SaaS Rolls Into the Third Wave at the Cloud Analytics Summit, 05/08/13

SearchCloudApplications: Can Amazon deliver on AWS enterprise development promises? 04/26/13

SearchCloudComputing: How IT Pros Can Control Their Private Cloud Computing Destiny, 04/12/13

APM Digest: 15 Top Factors that Impact Application Performance, 04/01/13

E-Commerce Times: Where Customers Go, Salesforce Service Cloud Follows, 02/26/13

Talkin’ Cloud: Backupify Announces Developer Platform for SaaS ISVs, 02/06/13

2012 Mentions

Wall Street Journal: New Breed of Consultants ‘Sherpa’ CIOs to the Cloud, 12/26/12

Reuters: Amazon’s Christmas Faux Pas Shows Risks in the Cloud, 12/26/12

Wall Street Journal: Why CIOs Have Their Heads in the Cloud, 12/18/12

CIO: Cloud Service Brokerages Emerge As New Integrators, 12/10/12

Centerbeam: Governmental cloud consolidation will peak in 2013, 12/07/12

Midsize Insider: Survey – SaaS Integration a “Complex Process”, 12/05/12

SearchCloudApplications: Strategies, Best Practices for Private Cloud Coming to Light, 11/26/12 The Battle Heats Up: Predictions on Winning Software Startups in 2013, 11/26/12 2013: A “Plan B” Year for Software Firms, 11/26/12 Back to the Future: Software Moves as Catalysts for Driving Change, 11/26/12

CRN: We Price Out 7 Cloud Providers So You Don’t Have To, 11/16/12

ChannelPro: A Decision Tree for Moving to the Cloud, 11/09/12

SearchCloudApplications: ‘Big Data’ Collection Efforts Spark an Information Ethics Debate, 11/12

Computerworld: Cloud Service Brokerages Emerge As New Integrators, 10/12/12

DestinationCRM: Oracle Recognizes the Need for Change, 10/04/12

Internet Evolution: Rent-a-Cloud Hardware – Great if You Love Your Vendor Forever, 10/03/12

SearchCloudApplications: Pump the Brakes on Cloud Adoption Except SaaS, 10/12 Plans to Infiltrate More Lines of Business, 09/20/12

SearchCloudApplications: Looking at the Next Steps for SaaS Adoption, 06/12

Wall Street Journal: Serial Entrepreneur Roger Sippl Wants to Connect the Clouds, 06/18/12

SearchNetworkingChannel: Dimension Data Expands Its Cloud Portfolio and Channel, 06/18/12

EE Times: Smart Systems Lessons From the NBA, 06/08/12

Enterprise Apps Today: Six Tips for Getting the Best SaaS Deal, 05/21/12

InformationWeek: Cloud’s Tough Enemy: Chargeback Pushback, 05/21/12

ComputerWorld: Yahoo’s Genome Highlights Hosted Big Data Analytics Trend, 05/21/12

CRM Buyer: SugarCRM 6.5 Adds Just a Touch of Sweetener, 04/27/12

CRM Buyer: Reaches for Bigger Slice of Government Cloud Pie, 04/25/12

InformationWeek: IT Jobs – 6 Essential Skills For The Cloud Era, 03/09/12

CRN: Study: SMBs Embracing Business Apps Through Cloud Services, 03/09/12

ComputerWorld: Cloud Consultants Cloud Sherpas, Global One Merge, 03/05/12

CRN: Who Joined Forces To Create A New Cloud Service Provider? 03/05/12

InformationWeek: Security In The Borderless Enterprise, 02/24/12

CRN: Dimension Data Builds On OpSource With New Cloud Services, 02/23/12

CRN: Amazon Simplifies Workflow With New Cloud Service, 02/22/12

NTTCOM.TV: Dispelling Myths About the Cloud, 02/16/12 Oracle Purchase of Taleo Indicates Rising SaaS Trend, 02/09/12

Internet Evolution: Cloud Users Need to Know What They’re Buying, 02/06/12

Network Computing: Amazon EC2 Reaches Out To Windows Developers, 01/19/12

E-Commerce Times: Kundra Casts His Lot With, 01/16/12

ChannelPro SMB: Guide to Selling Cloud Solutions, 01/12/12

Channel Insider: The State of Cloud Computing: Getting Real in 2012, 01/12/12

SearchCIO: IT Executives Putting Their Own Stamp on Shared Services Model, 01/11/12

SearchCIO: Outlook 2012: IT Looking Out for the Business in Services Broker Role, 01/03/12

Earlier Mentions

Internet Evolution: Oracle’s Stock Tanks, Teaching IT a Lesson, 12/22/11

Integration Developer News: SaaS, Cloud Providers Say Integration is ‘Crucial’ To Business Growth, 12/11

Internet Evolution: The Cloud Conundrum Facing IT Vendors, 12/19/11

eBizQ: Cloud Data Integration – Bigger, Better, Faster and More Important in 2012, 12/14/11 Meet the Challengers for Software Market Share in 2012 Banking on Change: Software IT Spending Predictions for 2012

Channel Insider: Cisco CloudVerse to Simplify Hybrid Clouds, 12/07/11

SearchNetworkingChannel: Cloud Integrators Offer Assessment, Integration and Ongoing Support, 12/05/11

ChannelPro: Are Freemiums the Future of Managed Services? 12/01/11

Web Host Industry Review: Study Finds Integration is Major Sales Challenge for SaaS and Cloud Vendors, 11/30/11

SearchCIO: SaaS Solutions With a Vertical Slant, 11/17/11

Network Computing: Dell Boomi Upgrades Simplify Cloud Integration, 10/25/11

MIT Technology Review: How to Bid on Computing Power, 10/13/11

Network Computing: Piston Announces Enterprise Cloud OS, 09/29/11

Information Management: Commercial OpenStack Cloud Leads Another NASA Launch, 09/27/11

eChannel Line: Cloud Channel Summit Sees Positive Role for Channel in the Cloud, 09/27/11

TechTarget: Is’s DRO the first step to a private option? 09/01/11

Channel Tech Network: The Cloud Solution Provider of the Future, 09/11

E-Commerce News: Dreamforce ’11 – Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground, 08/31/11

eWeek: Dell Partners With VMware, Salesforce to Join Elite Cloud-Builder Club, 08/30/11

ComputerWorld: SaaS ERP is Making the Grade at Brown University, 08/22/11

IT Tech News Daily: Hey, You! Get Onto My Cloud!, 06/11/11 The Cloud in Action, 06/08/11

NetworkWorld: 10 SaaS companies to Watch, 06/06/11

NetworkWorld: SaaS Heats Up IT Service Management Arena, 06/05/11

ChannelPro: Is Your Cloud Provider Financially Fit? 05/25/11

IT BusinessEdge: Could Costs of Middle Men Impact Cloud’s Advantage? 05/19/11

CRN: VARs, Vendors Eye Increasing SaaS Opportunity, 04/21/11

SearchCIO: Cloud Brokers Emerge to Sort Out the Chaos of Cloud Services, 03/08/11

Information Management:Dell Prescribes Cloud Services for Health Care, 02/22/11

Under the Radar: Simplifying IT for SMBs: 4 Startups to Know About, 02/22/11

SearchCIO: Converged Data Centers Promise to Banish IT Silos, 02/15/11

SearchCIO: Debate Continues Over the Definition and Strategy of Private Clouds, 02/10/11

SearchCIO: The Lines Between Cloud Computing Models are Blurring, 02/09/11

eWeek: NaviSite’s Big Week-New Cloud Services Node Opens, New Owner on Way, 02/03/11

Virtualization Review: Amazon Web Services Reaches Out To Developers, 01/20/11

eWeek: 11 Expert Predictions for Cloud IT in 2011, 12/29/10

DestinationCRM: Announces New Portal Within Salesforce Customer Portal, 12/01/10

ChannelPro: Cloud Services – What’s Selling. Who’s Buying? 10/07/10

InformationWeek:  Rackspace Launches Business App Matchmaking Service, 10/07/10

Light Reading:  Verizon Takes On Amazon With SMB Cloud Offer, 09/14/10 Cloud-Based Solutions Extend Office Productivity Possibilities, 09/08/10

Dark Reading: Verizon and VMware Team Up With Hybrid Cloud Service, 09/01/10

Enterprise Efficiency: SaaS Sheds Its Small Business Image, 05/27/10

eWeek: Aria Systems Introduces SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal, 05/26/10

Managing Automation: Look, Up in the Sky … It’s Cloud Computing, 05/25/10

SearchDataManagement: Business Users Can No Longer Ignore the Integration Demands of SaaS, 05/24/10

CRN Community: Comparing Clouds – Google vs. Microsoft, Young vs. Old, 05/21/10

SearchCIO: CIOs Must Manage Changes In IT Departments Due To Cloud Computing Services, 05/21/10

SearchCloudComputing: IBM Buys Cast Iron for Cloud Computing Integration, 05/03/10

Information Management Magazine: SaaS and Open Source – Brothers in Arms, 04/22/10

E-Commerce Times: Cuts Ribbon on Chatter App Exchange, 04/08/10

Research Rockstar: Out-Tasking to Market Research, 04/07/10

ChannelWeb: Cloud SLAs Add New Level of ‘Confidence’, 03/19/10

Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) Insight: Are You Being Served? February/March 2010

Computerworld: SaaS Takes on Business Intelligence, 02/22/10

The Microsoft Blog: With Chatter, Looks to One-up Microsoft SharePoint, 02/18/10

USA Today Launches Facebook-like Service for Businesses, 02/18/10

Information Management Magazine: Net Expectations – What a Web Data Service Economy Implies for Business, January/February 2010

SearchCIO-Midmarket: SaaS Business Process Management Systems Close, But Not Quite There, 02/03/10

Computerworld: Don’t Expect an Amazon EC2 Competitor from Oracle, 01/27/10

Mass High Tech Journal: Watch for Fragmentation in IT Consulting Sector, 01/06/10 Google Docs Grows, 01/01/10

SearchCloudComputing: Suffers Service Outage After Operations Failure, 01/05/10

SearchWinIT: Application Hosting Here We Come, 11/23/09

SearchCloudComputing: Salesforce Jumps Into Collaboration Technology Software Market With Chatter, 11/19/09

RedmondMag.Com: Microsoft Cuts Online Services Pricing, 11/03/09

SearchCloudComputing: Cloud will be 10% of all IT spending by 2013, 10/08/09

BusinessWeek: Investing in Technology M&A, 09/10/09

SearchCloudComputing: Cloud Computing: Appeal, Origins and Economics, 09/09/09

eWeek: RingCentral Offers Web-Based Phone Platform for SMBs, 07/20/09

Bnet: Why Freemium Works for Software, 07/07/09 SaaS – It’s the Business Model Stupid, 06/26/09

DestinationCRM: LucidEra Shuts Down Operations, 06/23/09

IT Knowledge Exchange: SaaS BI vendor LucidEra’s demise harkens to ASP downfalls, 06/23/09 Jeff Kaplan Talks about Putting Some of Your Apps in the Cloud, 06/09

SearchCIO-MidMarket: New Offerings That May Cut the Cost of Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan, 05/26/09

Industry Standard: The New Wave of SaaS, 05/24/09

CIOZone: Special Report on SaaS: Watch Out for ‘Gotchas’, 05/19/09

InformationWeek: Should Google’s Outage Scare CIOs From Cloud Computing? 05/18/09

InformationWeek: Cloud Computing FUD Muddies SaaS Waters, 03/24/09

ComputerWorld: PaaS Gives Developers a Virtual Toolbox, 03/23/09

SearchCIO: Cloud Computing Helps Firm Bring Call Center In-House, Integrate Apps, 03/03/09

SearchCIO: As SaaS Model Matures, Complexity Grows, But SaaS Benefits Hang Tough, 01/21/09

PC Magazine: Saving Money the App-Rental Way, 3/12/09

E-Commerce Times: Making Smart CRM Choices for 2009, 01/26/09

SearchCIO:  As SaaS Model Matures, Complexity Grows, But Saas Benefits Hang Tough, 01/21/09

Redmond Channel Partner: Google Expands Enterprise App Partner Program, 01/16/09

Mass High Tech Journal: Intuit’s Mass. R&D Lab Pushes Service Platform Ideas, 01/16/09

IT Business Edge: SaaS + Appliances = Possible Peace of Mind, 01/15/09

Project Management Magazine, 01/09

Redmond Channel Partner Online:  Landing New Business: S+S Incubation Centers Gives ISVs a First Step, December 2008

Mercury News: Economic Crisis Both a Threat and an Opportunity for SaaS, 12/07/08

eWeek: SaaS Billing Comes of Age, 12/02/08

eCommerce Best Practices: The Evolution of Software, 11/07/08

InfoWorld:  Will the downturn accelerate cloud computing? 10/01/08

Online services streamlining businesses’ back-office tasks, 06/09/08

SAP Unified IT Strategy Playbook – Fundamentals re: On-Demand or On-Premise?

SearchCIO Mid-Market: On-demand CRM and SaaS takes hold in midmarket. 1/23/08

IT/Business Edge:  What the ‘Google Effect’ Means for Business Intelligence, 1/17/08

ZDnet: Recession Proofing With On-Demand Services, 1/11/08

SaaS ERP Gains Ground In Large IT Shops, 1/02/8

SearchCIO: Large Firms Weigh SaaS as NetSuite Goes Public, 12/20/07 Five Things You Didn’t Know About Software-as-a-Service, 12/03/07

ITBusinessEdge: SaaS: It’s Not Just About the Money, 11/28/07 On-demand log management gets the nod, 11/07/07 Verio Jumps On SaaS Bandwagon, 11/02/07

DestinationCRM:  Xactly Does Incentive Management for SMBs, 06/25/07, Google Blend Technologies, 06/05/07

Red Herring: SaaS Consortium Sets Standards, 05/08/07

CRM Buyer: Makes a Vertical Splash, 02/28/07

ITBusinessEdge: Keep SaaS Expectations in Line with Reality, 2/21/07

Baseline Magazine: On-Demand: Look Before You Leap, 02/01/07

NetworkWorld: BT puts up $196 million for INS, 02/01/07

ComputerWorld: SaaS Satisfaction Dropping as Customer Interest Expands, 01/25/07

San Diego Union Tribune: Flying a Different Path, 01/26/07

ComputerWorld: Taking Charge in 2007, 01/07

PS Village: SaaS-What it Means for the Services Professional, 1/07

eWeek Channel Insider: If You Think It’s Hype, You’ll Miss the Boat, 1/17/07

eCommerce Best Practices: Another Look at SaaS, 1/07

Business Intelligence Review: The Service Imperative, 12/06

InfoWorld: Salesforce adds Google Adword Integration, 8/22/06

eWeek: On the Prowl, 7/06

San Francisco Chronicle, On-Demand is Growing Tech Force, 7/23/06

eWeek: Playing Host, 6/27/06

ComputerWorld: Top 10 SaaS Traps: Watch Out For Hidden Snags, 6/12/06 Employease Yearns to be Your Enabler, 6/12/06 Microsoft Plays the Room, 5/01/06

Chicago Tribune: Software Evolving into Online Service, 5/01/06

SearchCIO: Outsourcing on Verge of Cultural Evolution, 4/18/06

Destination CRM: Nsite Releases a Platform for the Tech-Impaired, 4/14/06

CIO Decisions: Data Center Crossroads, 4/01/06

Consulting Magazine: The World is Flat and Other Offshore Myths

NetworkWorld: Survival of the Fittest Managed Service Providers, 2/27/06

SearchSMB: Shop Talk: Beyond — CRM picks for SMBs, 2/15/06

Channel Insider: Survey – Customers Find MSPs Through Referrals, Shows, 2/13/06

CIO Magazine: Big Deals, Big Savings, Big Problems, 2/1/06

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