Revenue Management Helps Companies Move Beyond CRM to Drive Growth

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Revenue Management Helps Companies Move Beyond CRM to Drive Growth

Organizations of all sizes – but especially large scale enterprises – are facing unprecedented business challenges that require a better end-to-end revenue management approach and platform. I’d like to identify some of the specific ways enterprises can employ revenue management to augment their customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and maximize their revenue opportunities and performance.

Many enterprises are putting aside their legacy applications in favor of a new generation of Cloud-based applications, also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). A large number of these migrations center around’s Sales, Marketing and Service Cloud offerings. While these solutions provide a slew of powerful features to help businesses connect with their customers, in many cases they don’t go far enough to meet the specific needs of many enterprises to help them drive revenue growth.

Click here to read my latest commentary for Model N regarding how a revenue management platform can help companies move beyond CRM and drive growth.

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