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OpenAir Wins BoSS Award

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26th May

THINKstrategies announced today that OpenAir, Inc. has been named the latest winner of the Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Awards program, which is aimed at promoting the measurable business benefits being delivered by today’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

The BoSS Awards program is the latest initiative by THINKstrategies to bring attention to SaaS and cloud computing companies which are producing tangible business benefits for specific user organizations. These benefits include increased sales, lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, faster operations, and greater profitability.

OpenAir, a NetSuite Inc. company, is a leading provider of SaaS-based services automation software, including professional services automation (PSA) and project portfolio management (PPM) solutions.

Click here to read about how OpenAir’s SaaS solution helped Bluewolf Group and Metricstream better manage their professional service operations so they could achieve their business objectives.

Click here to read more about the BoSS Awards and to nominate … Read More »

Is Google Gumming Up the Cloud Computing Movement?

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17th May

Google’s latest service outage this past week generated a new round of attention and debate regarding the viability of the ‘cloud computing’ movement.

Although Google’s service disruption raises legitimate concerns about the reliability of today’s web-based solutions, the extent of the press coverage also demonstrated how pervasive the cloud computing movement has become.

The incident was not only reported and analyzed in the IT trade pubs, but in all the major business journals as well. This level of coverage clearly shows that SaaS and cloud computing are no longer peripheral trends, but have become popular alternatives to legacy software and traditional systems.

Another indication of this trend is the latest market forecast from Gartner, who I like to call a ‘lagging indicator’, which predicted last week that the SaaS market will equal $9.6 billion by the end of 2009, a 21.9 percent jump over 2008 revenue of $6.6 billion. Gartner forecasts that … Read More »

SaaS Aimed At CFOs Gaining Momentum

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5th May

While Microsoft’s recent announcement that it had experienced its first down quarter in terms of revenues and profits generated plenty of headlines in the business press, a surge in the sales of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions aimed at chief financial officers (CFOs) deserves even greater attention.

Two SaaS announcements from NetSuite and Plex Systems clearly illustrate this trend.

NetSuite announced yesterday that its total revenue for the first quarter of 2009 was $41.6 million, a 22% increase over the first quarter of 2008. In my view, NetSuite’s success is due to a combination of factors. The company has done a better job of packaging, pricing, positioning and promoting its solution to CFOs. It has made its offering more modular, which in turn has made the pricing more attractive. It has also more effectively targetted CFOs who are at a crossroads between starter kits like QuickBooks and complex systems like … Read More »

Wall Street Journal Raises Questions About the Cloud

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26th March

Debating the meaning of ‘cloud computing’ has become a popular pastime among analysts, journalists, vendors and even customers.

The latest entrant into the discussion is the Wall Street Journal which published an article today entitled, “The Internet Industry Is on a Cloud — Whatever That May Mean.” (Registration may be required.)

In addition to raising the fundamental question about how to properly define cloud computing, the WSJ article also mentions Oracle CEO/Chairman’s Larry Ellison’s comments over the past few years downplaying the market opportunity for cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

Although I’ve offered my own views on this topic before in this space, here are some additional thoughts in response to the WSJ article:

1. What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a set of web-based enabling tools and services which permit users to acquire computing capabilities to build or support applications, or perform … Read More »

NetSuite Focuses On Partners

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22nd March

One of my predictions for 2009 was that this would be the year of the channel in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market.

While the direct sales and delivery model associate with SaaS fundamentally disrupts the traditional role of the channel, the SaaS industry still needs to establish an successful channel strategy to cost-effectively extend its footprint across various market segments and win greater mainstream adoption.

In addition to relying on various resellers as channels to market, legacy software vendors also viewed other independent software vendors (ISVs) as potential channel partners because they extended their software functionality into new market segments. The same holds true in the SaaS industry.

The latest example of this strategy is NetSuite’s announcement that it is putting greater emphasis on its ISV partnering efforts via a new SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and SuiteApp.com single-source online marketplace.

These new offerings are not … Read More »

Bloom Still On The Rose?

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11th February

When I published my previous post questioning whether recent executive departures at salesforce.com were an indication of a slowdown in the company’s business, I debated whether to also leave the door open to the possibility that some of these individuals might be jumping to other job opportunities.

Sure enough, salesforce.com’s former president and chief strategy officer, Steve Cakebread, has resurfaced already at Xactly Corporation where it was announced this morning he will serve as the company’s new CFO, a role he also held at salesforce.com.

This hire gives Xactly even greater market validation and credibility after its recent acquisition of Centive.

The announcement also suggests my suspicions about potential problems at salesforce.com may have been premature. The company’s latest financial results are scheduled to be announced on February 25.

Meanwhile, NetSuite announced its financial results for 2008 yesterday. The company had a record year with revenues up 40.5% overall, reaching $152.5 million. Even its fourth … Read More »

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