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Productizing Customer Success in the Cloud – Guest Commentary in Sandhill.com

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2nd June

A pivotal principle that sets Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apart from the on-premises, legacy applications of the past is the shift of the vendors’ priorities so they better align with their customers. Rather than placing the burden of deploying and managing the software on the customer, SaaS vendors have to ensure customer satisfaction, minimize churn and maximize the lifetime value of their customers.

Achieving this objective requires the right combination of staff skills, business processes and support systems. Although every successful SaaS company has been committed to the idea of customer success, capturing the right data to gain a holistic view of the customer to better serve their needs has been a significant challenge.

Click here to read why, how the Pulse2013 conference hosted by Gainsight brought attention to this issue, and how THINKstrategies sees a new generation of Cloud-based ‘Customer Success Management’ solutions is addressing … Read More »

Attend the Pulse 2013 Customer Success Conference, May 30 in San Francisco

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15th May

On Thursday, May 30 at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, the Pulse 2013 Customer Success Conference will bring together the industry’s leading innovators in Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), advertising and other B2B markets to discuss today’s rapidly evolving Customer Success strategies that can help companies proactively manage retention, reduce churn and identify upsell opportunities within the customer base.

Over 200 executives from industry leading organizations will share best practices at Pulse 2013 on developing a customer-centric culture across the entire organization, and how their companies are organizing, planning, staffing, training, analyzing, cost justifying and automating Customer Success efforts.

I will be moderating an executive panel that will examine Best Practices regarding Customer Success Management (CSM) Renewal and Up-Sell. The panel will include:

Bernie Kassar, VP Community Success at Xactly
Kathy Lord, VP Customer Success at Intacct
Lori Wright, VP eCommerce Retention at Symantec.

Other Pulse 2013 speakers include:

Geoffrey Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm
Aaron Levie, … Read More »

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