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Gartner SaaS Satisfaction Survey Misleading

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17th July

Last week, Gartner attempted to derail the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) movement by issuing a press release regarding its latest customer survey which found that SaaS users are “underwhelmed by their current experience of it and sense that SaaS is not quite the panacea it often promised to be.”

For some reason, it took Gartner more than six months to interpret the results of its survey of users and prospects of SaaS solutions in 333 enterprises in the U.S. and the U.K. which was conducted in December 2008. Maybe because the data didn’t say what they were hoping and it took more time to twist the results into a story that fit their reality and could generate a few headlines.

Gartner’s press release starts by stating that “SaaS is more mainstream and less controversial than ever before”, an important admission from a research firm which a few … Read More »

Will Salesforce.com's Outage Derail the SaaS Market?

10th January

The service disruption which Salesforce.com experienced this week came at a bad time for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing market.

Although I believe the long-term prospects for SaaS and cloud computing remain strong, there are plenty of short-term challenges facing SaaS and cloud computing vendors in today’s tough economic environment.

Salesforce.com’s outage reignites the debate about the reliability of web-based services, and will intensify the concerns of those IT and business decision-makers who have been reluctant to adopt on-demand solutions.

It also validates the claims of legacy software vendors that SaaS and cloud computing are not viable platforms for enterprise applications.

The ultimate irony is that the public website which Salesforce.com created after it experienced a series of outages in 2005-2006 to demonstrate greater accountability, www.trust.salesforce.com, also went down during the latest outage.

In 2006, Salesforce.com was quick to turn its problems into marketing opportunities. This time there is even more … Read More »

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