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What Does an Open Cloud Mean for the SaaS Model?

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24th August

One of the most important decisions pertaining to developing and delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions is choosing the right Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) architecture. Making the right architectural choice is essential because it will influence the scalability, flexibility and economic viability of the SaaS vendor’s solutions.

There are various architectural approaches to supporting SaaS development and delivery vying for vendor business. These range from proprietary vendor-centric platforms to open source oriented environments. I’ve always believed that the SaaS and cloud industries owe a lot to the open source movement. The same principles which has fueled the growth of the open source movement are now taking hold in the cloud and fueling the rapid growth of the OpenStack architecture.

Click here to read my latest guest post on Rackspace’s blog regarding the advantages an open cloud can bring SaaS providers.

Worry About Your SaaS, Not Your IaaS

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28th July

A combination of macro-market forces is driving companies of all sizes to adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to better support their employees, serve their customers and coordinate with their business partners. These forces are also attracting a proliferation of players and creating intense competition which makes it increasingly important for SaaS vendors to focus on their core competency – creating clearly differentiated software solutions – rather than deal with the complexities of managing their own service delivery infrastructures in a highly volatile marketplace.

Click here to read my recent blogpost, published on behalf of Rackspace, that outlines why SaaS companies should partner with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers to handle their service delivery requirements so they can focus on their core business of developing and marketing successful SaaS solutions.

OpenStack Initiative Opens New Horizons for Cloud Computing Movement

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19th July

Today’s announcement of a new OpenStack consortium, led by Rackspace and NASA, could help the cloud  computing movement quickly overcome user concerns regarding vendor lock-in by establishing a open-source platform to encourage industry standards for cloud interoperability.

While there will always be cynicism and debate about the feasibility of creating industry-wide technology standards, this initiative appears to have ‘legs’ for a number of reasons,

The initiative promotes the use of generally accepted Open Source stack technologies and approaches which are already popular in the cloud computing industry,
The strength and diversity of the ‘charter’ members of the OpenStack consortium represents a powerful group of technology vendors, service providers and enterprise users.

Although vendor/service provider deployment of the OpenStack code and technology may still vary based on the proprietary interpretations of the standards by specific companies, this initiative will still have a positive impact on the overall … Read More »

HP Restructuring to Capture Cloud Wave

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2nd June

Yesterday’s announcement by HP that it is cutting 9000 workers and hiring another 6000 as part of a $1 billion multi-year effort to redesign its data center operations and automate its enterprise services is the latest indication of the traumatic impact which today’s cloud computing phenomenon is having on the tech industry.

HP readily admitted in its announcement that its goal is to,

“…Consolidate Enterprise Services’ commercial data centers, management platforms, networks, tools and applications to create a more scalable, modernized and automated IT infrastructure that will better serve its clients’ needs.”

Although the company didn’t specify where its cuts would take place, I suspect that the bulk of the downsizing effort within the Enterprise Services division will involve offloading the legacy data center facilities and staff which came from the EDS acquisition.

My sources within the company have confirmed my original concerns about the acquisition … Read More »

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