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Will 2009 Be The Year Of The Channel?

12th October

If 2008 is remembered as the year that a new generation of on-demand services, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, gained widespread acceptance and accelerated adoption, then I think 2009 will be the time when winning channel partners will become more critical to the on-demand service providers.

Until now, SaaS and cloud computing vendors have been focusing on building reliable and scalable service solutions and demonstrating the viability of their on-demand alternatives to customers.

Now, that they have generally achieved this objective, their next challenge is to build an effective indirect go-to-market strategy and set of strong channel relationships, so they can rapidly and profitably extend their market reach and satisfy the needs of specific market segments.

The need to build a successful channel strategy has become even more essential as a result of the current economic crisis which is placing greater financial … Read More »

Refusing to Accept Change

29th August

It continues to amaze me that there are software industry executives who are still living in denial about the rapidly expanding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) movement.

The latest example is Lawson Software’s CEO, Harry Debes, who was recently quoted in a ZDnet interview as saying the SaaS market will collapse in the next two years.

This interview generated plenty of response and numerous messages in my inbox yesterday. I particularly liked the blog entry of Daniel Druker, SVP Marketing and Business Development at Intacct.

Debes’ interview follows a series of other recent commentaries suggesting that on-demand SaaS solutions and a widening array of cloud computing services aren’t a viable alternative to traditional, on-premise software applications and computing systems.

The nasayers are all entitled to their opinions, but Debes’ views are particularly disheartening.

He starts by discounting SaaS as just “something I’ve lived through three times in my … Read More »

SaaS Enables IT To Become Service Provider

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20th April

In my last blog entry I listed a number of reasons “Why IT Now Sees SaaS As A Savior.” Dan Druker of Intacct, has done a superb job embellishing and expanding upon my ideas on his own blog.

Here’s another important reason why IT is embracing SaaS which I forgot to include in my last blog entry, but may supercede the other reasons I outlined long-term — SaaS enables IT to fulfill its role as an internal service provider.The idea of the IT department serving as an internal service provider to corporate end-users and strategic business units, as well as customers and partners, was first suggested during the late 1990s when an explosion of external service providers (xSPs) emerged in response to deregulation of the telecommunications industry.

While the idea had plenty of theoretical justification and support, most IT departments were unable … Read More »

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