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Cloudonomics and Calculating the Risk and Return of SaaS

10th September

The recent debate about the viability and value of cloud computing has generated at least one outstanding analysis from a friend at AT&T, that’s right AT&T!

Joe Weinman is the VP of Strategic Solutions Sales at AT&T Global Business Services. He published a terrific blog entry last week on GigaOM which was also distributed by BusinessWeek entitled, “The 10 Laws on Cloudonomics”.

I met Joe at a utility computing conference in NYC in 2004 where we both listened to a series of CIOs discuss how they were transforming their IT operations to achieve their business objectives.

What was facinating about their presentations was that they were not talking about hardware-based utility computing models that many vendors at the time, such as IBM and HP, were pushing. Instead, the CIOs from a number of major corporations and public agencies talked about how they were … Read More »

Gartner Confirms the Growing Appeal of SaaS and Utility Computing Services

15th January

It is always gratifying to have the major research firms affirm my perspectives and THINKstrategies’ predictions.

Recently, Gartner predicted that the global outsourcing market will grow 8.1 percent in 2008, and that this growth would not be in the form of traditional IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) agreements, but fueled instead by growing the acceptance of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other utility computing services offerings by companies of all sizes.

Let’s have some fun and do a side-by-side comparison:

According to Gartner, “publicly reported IT outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) contract values decreased overall by 50 percent in 2007.”In January 2002, I wrote in a NetworkWorld commentary that the traditional outsourcing model was dying. Even at that time, the size and duration of these deals was shrinking because their rate of success was abysmal.

As I’ve been stating for many years, companies … Read More »

IBM Paints Utility Computing Another Shade of Blue

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3rd December

Utility computing is one of those IT industry concepts which has taken a long time to evolve into reality.

While discussions about this idea were mostly theoretical when it first emerged at the turn of this new century, today a new generation of players is turning the theory into an actuality.

After it helped to originate the idea, IBM is now trying to play catch up in the rapidly evolving utility computing market.

You can read my views about this ironic twist of fate on ITworld’s Utility Computing portal.

Private Equity Monies Move Into Software & Services Marketplace

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4th June

With last week’s announcement of a private equity buyout of major computer hardware and software distributor, CDW, speculation is escalating about where this new influx of investors will strike next within the information technology (IT) industry.

The CDW deal comes two weeks after computer and database services provider Acxiom Corp. agreed to be bought by Silver Lake Partners and ValueAct Capital Partners LP for about $2.24 billion. Now, some see Dell as a likely buyout candidate, others are speculating about whether computer chip software design vendor Cadence will ‘go private’.

I think a series of private equity deals will be aimed at a wide array of publicly-traded, incumbent software vendors (ISVs) in the coming months. These ISVs will boast a significant installed base of customers, but will also be facing significant challenges keeping pace with the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) movement. I also believe … Read More »

Spotlight on SaaS Podcasts

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18th January

I’m pleased to add THINKstrategies to the burgeoning list of podcast producers.

Our focus initially will be on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketplace, but we hope our podcast series will expand to encompass the entire landscape of rapidly changing IT and business services.

Our goal is to educate and evangelize about the business benefits of today’s exciting new SaaS and other on-demand solutions, such as utility computing and managed services, as well as examine ways in which customers and solution providers are innovatively leveraging more traditional services to achieve their business objectives.

Our first podcast focuses on the challenges surrounding the metering and billing for SaaS solutions, especially in complex enterprise environments. In this podcast we talk with Conor Halpin, the founder and CEO of LeCayla Technologies, a Irish company which has developed unique methods to track software utilization and enable organizations to more … Read More »

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