THINKstrategies Expanding Cloud Innovators Events in 2014 – Focusing on Internet of Things & Corporate Executive Forums

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THINKstrategies Expanding Cloud Innovators Events in 2014 – Focusing on Internet of Things & Corporate Executive Forums

Based on the success of the third annual Cloud Channel Summit last November, THINKstrategies is launching a new Cloud Innovators Summit in 2014, and we are offering a wider array of services to help companies host their own executive forums to build stronger corporate relationships and capitalize on new Cloud opportunities. Here are more details –

2014 Cloud Innovators Summits

We are putting plans in place to launch a new executive conference focused on the rapidly growing market opportunities created by the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), called the Connected Cloud Summit. This event will examine how the Cloud is enabling enterprises to capture valuable data from a growing population of mobile devices and embedded sensors to improve the quality of services and create new business opportunities. We are finalizing our plans for this event and will announce the date and location of the Connected Cloud Summit soon. Contact us if you’d like to learn how your company can participate in this event.

We are also determining if there is enough interest to host the Cloud Channel Summit for a fourth time this year. We received plenty of positive feedback regarding last year’s Summit, but want to be sure we can attract new companies to participate in the event and provide their perspectives about building successful partnerships in the Cloud. Contact me if you’re interested in speaking, sponsoring and/or attending the Cloud Channel Summit this year.

Click here to see the highlights and session recordings from last year’s Summit, and click here to see the 2013 Cloud Analytics Summit highlights and session recordings.

Corporate Executive Forums

In addition to hosting the Cloud Innovators Summit industry events, THINKstrategies has been approached by a growing number of companies to help them organize and host their own executive forums focused on various Cloud management topics. These include customer- and partner-oriented breakfast, luncheon and dinner sessions, as well as larger corporate conferences and vendor-hosted webinars.

Click here to see a list of some of the corporate events that THINKstrategies participated in last year, and contact me if you’d like to discuss how we can help you develop, promote and host your upcoming corporate events.

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding our 2014 Cloud Innovators Summit plans, and keep up with our latest updates by following us on Twitter @cloudsummits and @thinkstrategies.

Thanks for your interest and continued support!

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