Quorum Wins THINKstrategies’ Cloud Computing Business Value (CCBV) Award

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Quorum Wins THINKstrategies’ Cloud Computing Business Value (CCBV) Award

THINKstrategies, Inc., the leading strategic consulting company focused on the business implications of the on-demand services market, announced today that Quorum has been named the latest winner of THINKstrategies’ Cloud Computing Business Value (CCBV) Awards program, which is aimed at promoting the measurable business benefits being delivered by today’s cloud computing solutions.

The CCBV Awards program was launched in 2010 to recognize Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers delivering tangible business benefits to specific user organizations. These benefits include lower costs, faster deployment times, greater profitability, etc. The CCBV Award program builds on the success of THINKstrategies’ Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Awards program which was initiated in 2009.

The Quorum Hybrid Cloud solution delivers instant recovery of data, applications and systems with one click, ensuring small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) remain always on and avoid costly downtime. The solution’s on-demand and automatic testing add to the solution’s value. Quorum maintains up-to-date virtual machine clones of a company’s systems that can run locally or in the cloud, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes. The solution’s de-duplication is global “at the source,” sending a single copy of only the actual changes to the company’s files, so storage and bandwidth use is minimized..

An example of the measurable business benefits which can be derived from Quorum’s solution is Campbell Hall, a preparatory school in Southern California. Every West Coast-based organization should have a disaster recovery plan in place for business continuity’s sake because of the constant threat of earthquakes in the area. Campbell Hall chose Quorum over the competition due to its ability to minimize downtime and run machines on the Quorum appliance. As a result of using the Quorum solution to protect Campbell Hall’s sixteen (16) servers, the school estimates it has slashed potential downtime from one week to minutes, and saves upwards of $100,000 in back-up and recovery costs.

Based on this customer success story, Quorum has been named a CCBV Award winner.

“We are pleased to be recognized by THINKstrategies and the Cloud Showplace with the CCBV Award,” said Larry Lang, CEO, Quorum. “Awards like these strengthen our determination to deliver innovative disaster recovery products like our Quorum Hybrid Cloud Solution. With this in place, small to mid-sized businesses will avoid thousands in costly system downtime and subsequently safeguard their revenue, customers and reputation.”

“The cost of downtime can be significant whenever a disaster hits, particularly to those which have not taken the proper precautions ahead of time,” stated Jeffrey M. Kaplan, the founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace and Managing Director of THINKstrategies, the strategic consulting firm which conceived and administers the Showplace. “Quorum’s hybrid Cloud reduces the cost and accelerates the recovery of valuable data, applications and systems in the event of a disaster that threatens to disrupt an organization’s operations.”

For more information about the Cloud Showplace Award programs, go to: http://www.cloudshowplace.com/award-programs/.

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