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Latest SaaS Entrants and Exits Fuelling Faster Growth

10th July

Last week, NetSuite announced that it was finally ready to enter the public market with an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and this week two other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) oriented players found a private exit via acquisitions.

The NetSuite acquisition had been highly anticipated and is another indication of the growing support of the SaaS model within the investment community. NetSuite’s S-1 shows that the company is experiencing strong growth while also reducing the proportion of its revenues being spent on software development, sales and marketing. Although NetSuite isn’t a rocket-ship like, it has established a broad enough customer base and is gaining sufficient momentum to disprove any lingering misconceptions that SaaS can’t satisfy businesses’ back-office or financial management needs.

A successful IPO by NetSuite, combined with growing receptivity to IPOs in general within the investment community, will widen the door for other … Read More »

Google and’s First Date Leaves Paparazzi Disappointed

5th June

Just like the frenzy and speculation that surrounds every high-profile couple before they tie the knot in today’s pop culture, the build up over the past few weeks around a pending announcement between Google and was destined to fall short of many people’s overblown expectations.

Much of the speculation centered on whether Google would acquire in an attempt to dramatically strengthen the search vendor’s foray into desktop and business applications. In March, I made my bet that Oracle would be the first suitor to try to capitalize on’s meteoric rise in the on-demand business apps world.

Although I can certainly see the logic in a Google/ marriage, I thought it was premature for the companies to do this kind of deal at this stage. Unless, Oracle initiated a hostile takeover attempt for, the on-demand vendor wasn’t incented to … Read More »

Why Oracle Will Buy

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21st March

With the recent acquisition of WebEx by Cisco Systems, speculation has been rising that may be the next major Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company to be bought. You can tell folks that you heard it from me first that the purchase will be made by Oracle within the next 18 months.

No, I don’t have any inside information. But, I can read the tea leafs and they tell me that is too attractive for an even bigger player not to buy it. The software services company has over 650,000 subscribers and added 90,000 new subscribers during the most recent fiscal quarter ending in January 31.

While profits have slipped due to the company’s investments in new offerings and service infrastructure, the outlook for’s services has never been better. Not only is customer receptivity growing rapidly, but’s ability to penetrate new … Read More »

Google…The Next SaaS Powerhouse?

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3rd March

While was unveiling the first iteration of its new generation of on-demand vertical market software services aimed at the financial services sector this past week, Google was flexing its muscles as a viable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor with its first round of fee-based, packaged online desktop solutions aimed at enterprise customers.

Google’s new Google Apps includes integrated word processing and spreadsheet applications, as well as BlackBerry support for Gmail for $50/user, a fraction of the price of Microsoft’s Office suite. In order to overcome corporate apprehension about the quality of its new services, Google is offering guaranteed uptime, IT management tools, technical support, and increased e-mail storage. Yet, to show how far Google must go to fulfill its promise as a viable provider of on-demand enterprise apps, Google Gmail users suffered from a series of service failures during the first week … Read More »

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